HO and 1/32 Slot Car Track Lane Marking Tape and Finish Line Tape

Q.    How is Track Tape applied to my track?

A.    On a straight section, anchor the start of the tape firmly. Next, extend the roll about a foot at a time. Lay
the tape down so that it is just outside the slot of the track. When the tape is lined up correctly, firmly
press the tape to the track. NOTE: This tape is flexible. DO NOT STRETCH THE TAPE as you press it firmly to
the track.

On a curved section, as you enter the curve firmly press the tape to the track. Now, pull a small section of
tape and guide it around the curve. The amount you apply at one time will depend on the radius of the
curve. The tighter the radius, the shorter amount of tape you will be able to apply at one time. DO NOT
STRETCH THE TAPE! Once the tape is down, go back and firmly apply it with your thumb.

Q.    How is the Finish Line Tape applied to my track?

A.    Peal the backing and lay the Finish Line Tape across the track.  Use and Exacto knife to cut on either side
of the rails and slots.  Peal away those cut out sections and press the remaining tape firmly to the track.

Q.    How long will the tape last?

A.    When applied correctly your track tape will last several years.  Our original tape has been on our track
since the first time we applied it.